Time, Resource and Cost Savings with Scalable Warehouses

Your goods, all of which are packed in high quality, are safely stored in our warehouses, which are specially disinfected against dust, moisture and various pests.

It is not possible for anyone other than you to see your goods and their contents that we receive in our warehouses. When you deliver the goods from your address on the day and date you specify, our expert staff does the necessary disassembly and packaging. We keep your belongings insured in our warehouses for as long as you want. When our storage process is over, our company delivers your belongings to the address you specify again.

 In the process of storing our customers' belongings, our pricing is based on the volume occupied by our customers' belongings in our warehouse.

Your belongings are always at risk against theft, with your leather goods in the first place. Storing your goods within our company, Türktaş Logistics, which provides secure storage service, is an important option for you. Your belongings, each of which is valuable, are under the guarantee of our company. Your goods are protected against both internal and external threats with great care during and after the settlement process. Our warehouses are under surveillance 24/7 by our business partners, security personnel and security cameras.

Our company provides you with free expertise during the storage of goods, mutually guaranteeing the service we provide to you, and we see the goods on site to provide a fair pricing. Our appraisal service is free.

We apply these experiences in all areas of our business with the experience we have gained in the field of international house-to-door transportation and storage. We deliver your goods to the address you specified at the end of the storage process or at any time you wish.

Yılmaz Ukan
General Manager
Arzu Acarer
Foreign Trade Director
Selma Azizoğlu