The type of transportation that can be done without requiring very high costs for heavy tonnage and bulky loads is called railway transportation. Railway transportation is a type of transportation that has increased in popularity in recent years and has become widespread all over the world.

Since there is no such thing as being affected by seasonal conditions in transportation using railways, it is almost impossible to experience any disruption. In addition, it is a type of transportation with very little human intervention. For this reason, mistakes that can be made are at minimum levels.

Speed, safe transportation, being economical and sensitive to the environment, which stand out in the globalizing world, have made railway transportation indispensable. As Türktaş Logistics Family, one of our primary goals is to increase its share by supporting railway transportation, to prevent traffic accidents, to reduce our dependence on foreign energy, to protect the benefits of the country, and to leave a 'clean and green world' to future generations.

Yılmaz Ukan
General Manager
Arzu Acarer
Foreign Trade Director
Selma Azizoğlu