It is a comprehensive and result-oriented service provided for the production companies in Turkey to start exporting in case there is not enough and equipped personnel, knowledge, experience and sufficient time to enable them to export abroad in a sustainable way.

As Türktaş Logistics, we offer a sustainable export system to you, our valuable companies, with an export roadmap. The purpose of the export consultancy system is to teach our valued clients about exports and to enable them to continue exporting within their own organization in the coming years.

This roadmap starts with identifying the needs of our consulting firms. After the needs are determined, the cost of determining the deficiencies of documents in accordance with the legislation and enabling the company to export/import so that our consulting company can export/import is created. Our service topics include eliminating digital and design deficiencies, conducting market research and training the personnel of our client company, training the personnel on warm customer communication, target market determination, customer research, determining and implementing international marketing strategies of the client company.

As Türktaş Logistics, the main purpose of our consultancy services is to create a sustainable business model by standing by our companies that produce domestically and want to open up to the foreign market and sell goods.

Yılmaz Ukan
General Manager
Arzu Acarer
Foreign Trade Director
Selma Azizoğlu