Customs clearance service is provided under the supervision and method of expert personnel in the field of customs legislation. Transit, transfer, export and import transactions are managed at all points in Turkey. Comprehensive customs and consultancy services are offered especially in export and import transactions. Changes in customs legislation are followed regularly. In this area, customers are informed simultaneously.

 How to Complete Customs Affairs in Export?

* The production of the products must be completed. It should be packaged and ready for export.

* Transport organization should be done.

* It is necessary to transport the goods from the place where they will be loaded, to deliver the goods to the carrier's warehouses or to transport the products to the loading port if they are to be transported over the port.

* Documents should be prepared in accordance with the legislation of the exporting country.

* The customs administration of the exporting country should inspect the goods or documents when necessary.

* The products must leave the customs territory of the exporting country.

* Transactions must be closed with an export customs declaration.


Professional Customs Clearance 

Customs procedures are very important in shipping operations abroad. Every product sent abroad goes through customs. Every product that comes to our country is subject to customs procedures. Customs regulations, which are quite extensive, are applied at every vehicle pass. Many different charges are made at the customs when the vehicles go abroad and when they return to the country. These transactions are called freight. Vehicles continue by sea or land. A second customs clearance will be made in the country they pass through. These transactions are carried out according to the customs of the country of destination. Timely and uninterrupted services are provided in all customs clearance services. In this way, the supply chain is completed without interruption. Customized solutions are offered according to the legislation, industry, operational needs and demands of each customer. The customs department has adopted the principle of synchronized working. In this way, smooth and fast results are obtained in the field of export and import.

Yılmaz Ukan
General Manager
Arzu Acarer
Foreign Trade Director
Selma Azizoğlu