Türktaş Logistics, which took its place in the Logistics Sector 25 years ago, has been continuing its adventure, which started with domestic goods transportation from home to home, for about 15 years, with international commercial and personal goods transportation.

In this process, we are pleased to be in the category of the best at the point we have reached with our target of 100% customer satisfaction, our service network that is growing day by day, and our trained human resources by focusing on our customers.

With our structure that rapidly adapts to technological developments day by day, our expanding logistics network, our innovative storage solutions and a faster, newer and more sustainable service approach by focusing on customer satisfaction;




We meet the demands of our customers with our Land, Sea and Air Freight services to Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, England, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Azerbaijan and many more countries. We derive the power of our transportation infrastructure from our trained human resources.

Our vision;

To carry our new generation transportation services to the best point of higher quality, always better, by being inspired by technology, with our experience from the past and our experienced infrastructure.

Our Mission;

To create sustainable value with the solutions we offer to our customers.

Our Values;


Innovative Perspective

With the awareness that our Human Resources is the best resource that will carry us to innovation and development, we create our innovative approaches that feed us and keep our imaginations alive. At this stage, we defend our innovative perspective and ideas to the end, which offers the most effective offers and solutions to our customers.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our competence in constantly finding new and creative ideas and our ability to put these ideas into practice make our way of doing business more efficient. In this process, both our efficient and solution-oriented work develops with our openness to different ideas and our ability to adapt quickly.

Our Common Sense and Harmonious Approach Model

Our service approach, which focuses on our customers, requires us to use our empathy power in our flexible, fast and solution-oriented approaches to the demands of our customers. We are improving our success in producing a sustainable service by producing special solutions for our customers for all kinds of questions we encounter. At this point, we believe in the power of our prudent approach to our customers and acting with a sense of responsibility in creating sustainable value.


The Most Important Value Element is Human

From the moment we were founded, we have placed the human element at the center of the sustainable value that we are trying to create together with our employees, customers and solution partners. We adopt a human-oriented way of doing business in every solution we create in order to achieve our goals, the element we value most is people and people. Humans are the most valuable force on our path to progress.

As we move forward with our determination to be better and the best every day, we produce innovative and people-oriented solutions with our creative solutions, technological infrastructure and human resources.

In order to reach our goals in the logistics sector, we believe in the improving power of transformation, we constantly renew and transform ourselves.

We are ready to take our place among the leaders of the logistics sector with our sustainable solutions by strictly adhering to our ethical values.

Yılmaz Ukan
General Manager
Arzu Acarer
Foreign Trade Director
Selma Azizoğlu